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Amazing Power Bank Price in Pakistan

Need a reliable, genuine and original power bank, buy online from our store.

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Power Bank

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Wonderful Power Bank Price in Pakistan

Our store deals in high-quality portable chargers in Pakistan. We provide discounted prices for all sorts of power banks. Moreover, all these mobile powerbanks are at free shipping nationwide.

Reliable Gadgets at Best Price

Durable, compact and original products usually give much more backup and efficiency as compared with other replicas. Dealing in standard products, doortodoor.pk, provides you a platform where you can shop with trust and satisfaction. In addition, there is a facility of free home delivery and COD (cash on delivery) service for all orders.

What is Powerbank and its mAh?

Being a common and useful mobile accessory in Pakistan, one should know that what is this gadget, should we buy it or not. It is basically a portable mobile battery charger that initially gets charged and then it can charge your smart-phones, iPhones, tablets, iPads, mp3 players and multiple other smart devices Since online shopping in Pakistan has become popular, such types of gadgets are becoming more and more famous among the customers.

mAh or milliAmpere hour is the capacity that tells how much charge can be stored by a battery. Usually, 2500mAh to 20000mAh power bank capacity range is common but there are also some models of very large or very small capacities.

Factors Affecting Prices

In general, power bank price in Pakistan depends on different factors. Some people observe that either it is a dual-port or with a single port but this is not the right factor to be viewed. Quality can be one of the most important judgmental factors for the price, but there are also some other factors. It would be wrong to say that a typical portable charger is of 1000Rs or 5000Rs, the brands put many times price in their hands.

How to Charge?

Using a typical 2.1 Ampere charger, the mobile power bank can be charged easily, even with 1A or 1.5A one but that can take a much longer time for charging. Connect it with microUSB jack of the data cable so it will begin to charge.

What is a Type-C Charger?

TypeC is a newly launched charging slot in the market, although less famous but is taking customer attraction and some of the new smartphones and smart devices are having this.

Xiaomi 10000mAh model is providing type C option, giving high speed fast charging at increased voltage, so that heavy smartphones and tablets can be charged early. They might not be much common in local markets but on online shopping sites, this Xaomi type-c charger is becoming popular.

Famous Brands for Power Banks in Pakistan

Different brands are giving different power bank price in Pakistan. Following is a list of some of these brands.

AMB, a most trusted mobile accessory brand has also come up with good quality units of several ranges. Offering tube-shaped emergency light portable charger, waterproof ones, and similar types; they are the ones that are mostly sold in almost each and every city of Pakistan.

Romoss power bank is also largely sold in Pakistan. Romoss brand also deals in car-chargers and other mobile accessories and gadgets.

Remax, a renowned mobile accessory brand also deals in different types, capacities, and designs under the names of Jane series and proda power boxes.

Space is also an emerging brand in this category but provides somewhat expensive products ensuring high quality and best features.

Xiaomi (MI) power banks and other smart gadgets are one of the most famous mobile devices.

QMobile portable chargers are also taking the attraction of the customers. Since Qmobile phones are famous, their accessories are also getting popularity.

Feature phone brands like GFive, E Tachi, Voice, Sanmeng and many others can be charged by these gadgets conveniently.

Solar Power Banks Price in Pakistan

Solar chargers and other gadgets are one of the most selling products in Pakistan. Their prices are also reasonable and people can easily buy them either from online shopping stores or from retail markets.

Fairly Helpful In Case of Load Shedding

An extremely useful source of charging for smartphones, due to the fact of load-shedding. Once charge your portable power bank and hence use it to charge your smartphones, feature, tablet, etc. for a long time, either you are in a car, in office, in university or even on a long journey.

One may easily find a power bank in Karachi and other big cities but it may be difficult to find in some small cities, so online shopping has fulfilled this need.

Typical Size of Portable Charger

It can be as small as a finger, but in that case, its mAh capacity will be very much less. It can be as high as a brick.

Specifically speaking, a 10000mAh power bank is the most useful one and the user can easily carry it in hand, in the pocket, or a bag.

Our Store Offering 2600mAh to 25000mAh Power Banks

Online shopping has become an excellent source for purchasing high-quality products at doorstep. In this era of technology, one feels need to have mobile accessories at home and buy easily without going to the markets.

We are serving you with the quality, elegance, and discounts on power bank price in Pakistan. Our store lets you choose the models perfectly matching your need at 100% free shipping all over Pakistan. Order directly from your area with Cash on Delivery service, a more convenient, flexible, and easy way of shopping online.

Buy Mobile Accessories Online at Less Price in Pakistan

Providing best power bank prices in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Quetta, Peshawar, and all other cities of Pakistan. We, in actual, are serving the technology needs of the nation.