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Voice Mobile Phones by UNITED

Buy durable voice keypad phones and get free delivery all over Pakistan. PTA approved with warranty.

Voice Mobile

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Voice Mobile with Decent Look

A renowned brand for producing high-quality feature sets for customers in Pakistan. Many people need such devices because of different reasons.

Some can't afford an expensive smartphone, so they buy these. Some buy these for essential features like making calls, sending text messages, setting alarms, and many similar features.

You might compare our voice mobile price in Pakistan, with other brands, but let me tell you that quality is also crucial. These phones are high-quality ones.

How Many SIM Cards Can we Insert?

Usually, these are Dual SIM, allowing the user to insert upto two SIMs. In this way, the user can easily make or receive calls from any of the SIMs. And can receive messages from both too.

Nowadays, single SIM mobiles are not so popular, even big brands like Nokia, is also launching devices with Dual GSM, because of the requirements of the customers. Many people have two connections, and they want to keep both of those active at the same time.

Let's Discuss Some Specifications

Display Sizes

In general, the sizes of the screens remain from 1.77 to 2.8 Inches. Those having 1.77 or 1.8 inches LCD, are considered small and are hot setting in the markets. Sets having 2.4 inches are considered having a reasonable size and are also very popular. 2.8 " is comparatively large and marketed as "big display," therefore high in price.

Note: almost all these have colored screens.

Battery Capacities

Just like other ones, voice mobiles also have batteries ranging from 1000 mAh to 3000 mAh or may be higher. 1200 mAh is famous for sets with 1.77 " screen. The larger the display size, the higher the battery capacity should be.

Note that these devices don't need higher capacities. Even a 1200 mAh mobile can give one to two days backup.


Emergency light or torch is vital, and most of these have this feature.


Usually, none of these have any free storage for data, so the user has to insert an SD card for keeping data.

Contacts Storage

It varies from mobile to mobile. Some might have 300 contacts option; some might have more or less.


It is used to transfer data from one to other devices and is present in almost all phones nowadays.


Most of voice mobile phones have a tiny camera, but it is not an important feature concerning a feature phone.


In our the opinion, keypad is a significant parameter that matters a lot before making a purchase.

The reason for its importance is its usage. Since it's going to be used for all tasks, so it should be durable.

While discussion voice mobile brand, the keypad seems good and a high-quality one.


It depends upon the battery capacity. So, a phone with higher mAh would have a thick shape, and the one with a higher mAh capacity would be slim.


Their price ranges from 1600 to 3000 Rs, in general.

Warranty by United Telecom

United offers one-year warranty, so the users can claim their warranties by going to customer care centers.

Note: For claim, you should keep your warranty card with you and keep in mind that battery and display, does not come under it, usually.

Claim Centers

Let me mention some customer care points in the main cities.


You have to visit Gulberg 2, at the following address:

Lahore Center, 2A8, C Block, Zahoor Ellahi Road, Gulberg 2, LHR.


Visit following address for claims in Karachi

Star City Mall, Shop # 105, First Floor, Plot # 73, Saddar, KHI.


Rawalpindi Saddar: Shop Numbers D5 & 6, First Floor, Akhtar Plaza, RWP

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Is It A Reliable Brand?

Yes, it famous, and its products are usually high in quality.

Can We Use Use for Call Centers?

Yes, you can use these easily for call centers. Also, because of 3.5 mm jack, insert a handsfree and use for calls, for continuous calling.

In There A Charger In the Box?

Yes, a charger is always present in the box.

Are these Touchscreen, or We Have to Use Only Buttons?

No, these work with only buttons. There is no touch display in these.

Can We Set Profiles?

You can easily switch between general, silent, and other profiles and can also edit profiles. There is a shortcut: Press # long, for making the phone silent.

How to Turn The Torch Light On/Off?

It depends on the device, some might have a center button, some with the top center button, and for some, you may have to go to the main menu, etc.

Are these Waterproof?

No, these are not even water-resistant.

If I Repair My Phone from A Non-Brand Shop, Will The Warranty Become Null?

Yes, typically, in this case, it becomes null and void.

Where to Buy?

Want to buy a voice mobile in 2020, or 2019? Purchase from our store. We are offering 100 % free delivery. There are many other stores like daraz.pk and others, but mostly you have to pay delivery charges on those.

You can also visit local markets like Hall Road Lahore, Saddar Karachi, etc., but if you order online, you can have the product at your address. E-commerce has made shopping much easy for buyers.

You have to follow these simple steps for making a purchase:

- Check voice mobile price in Pakistan

- Select the model you Need

- Click "add to cart."

- Fill your details

- Confirm your order

And so, wait for your product to be delivered. Meanwhile, our Whatsapp number +92-316-4646561 is also ready for customers' help.