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Offering Best GFive Mobile Price in Pakistan

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GFive Mobile

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A Robust Collection of GFive Mobile Phones

Trust us; we have a huge collection of this brand. Just choose your required item, and book it for you. Insha Allah, we will discuss below, the important factors to decide the right gfive mobile, that suits your needs.

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In the World of Smartphones, Why These Small Sets?

So a question might arise that in such time when technology is arising, and the latest devices are being launched, then why people need these button phones. The answer is very simple. There are many people who don't know how to use a touch mobile. So they prefer such devices that are very easy-to-use, handy and less in price.

But there are other reasons too, let's discuss.

Many people don't have the money to afford an expensive or even a cheap touch phone, so they buy barphones and use it for basic features like calling, texting, alarms, and many other basic features. These days such sets also have access to 2g or sometimes 3g internet, so that the user can have access to google or other lightweight websites.

One important thing is that customer care centers, support centers, and some call centers might also be using these because their basic requirement is to make and receive calls and not the premium features in big ones.

Gfive Mobile

Let's have a thorough discussion about the phones from this brand. It is a famous brand in Pakistan and has many customer care centers so that the users can easily claim their warranties in an easy way. According to them, they are the first to assemble in Pakistan. Actually, such companies import parts like LCD, memory chips, etc., from other countries like China. After that, they join these parts to make a ready-to-use phone and then provide those to dealers and shopkeepers where sales are generated.

According to E Tachi mobile, they are also assembling in Pakistan.

Currently, 1 Year after-sales warranty is provided to customers, but it should be noted that battery and LCD defects don't come under the warranty claim, so the users have to pay their charges for repairing.

Now, have a brief review of G Five Mobile price in Pakistan 2020. Let me divide the GFive mobile keypad phone into three categories with respect to screen sizes.

Small: Those with 1.77 or 1.8 inches Display
Medium: Sets having 2.4 inches Display
Big: Large ones having 2.8 inches Display

A handset device with 1.77/1.8" screen, is usually low in price because of small size, having less battery capacity, due to less battery consumption. Their prices usually range from 1400 Rs to 1700 Rs, and people can easily afford these. Note that such sets the hot-selling phones in wholesale and retail markets because of low cost.

Those having 2.4 inches screen size cast a normal look neither too big, nor too small. A user can easily read the text, send and receive SMS messages, do calling, and access many other features. Battery capacities in these mobiles, usually range from 1200 mAh to 4000 mAh, so that the user can have long-lasting single charge backup.

Some, also have a big speaker, but wait for a little, let me discuss that below in details.

2.8" display size is huge. Because of this, the price of the phone increases. GFive mobile phones with 2.8 inch LCD, usually range in price from 2000 Rs to 2500 Rs. A common man can also buy these.

One more thing is to be noted that the LCD mentioned here is the color screen, providing the user with a colorful experience.

Speaker & Loudness

As I said earlier, I am going to discuss speakers. Now coming towards the point. There are different speaker sizes, designs, and shapes, but a big round shape is much famous nowadays. Those with a normal speaker produce sound with normal loudness that a user can easily hear for incoming calls, messages, and reminders.

The big round ones are very loud. Even in their low volume, the sound is easily listenable, even in traffic.

Number of SIM Slots Inside

2 SIM slots are mostly given, named dual SIM, but triple and 4 SIMS are also common. What do you think, what would be a gfive 4 sim mobile price in Pakistan? Believe me, even these are cheap and under the pricing label of 3K Rs. People who have more than one connection can prefer these, and get relief from having two or three ones in the pocket. A user can easily get access to 4 SIMs in under one phone.

Curved Design is Also Popular

There are also some curved GFive mobile phones that look elegant in design and some people also buy these depending upon the requirement,

A Tiny Back Camera is Also There in Most of These

Mostly more than 90 percent of gfive mobile phones in 2020, carry a tiny camera, but with a very low-resolution. Users usually need to insert an SD card for capturing photos of videos, because the internal memory is typically very low. But a camera is usually not the basic need and not the important deciding factor for the end-user.

Torch Flash Light

An emergency light is a very important thing that a feature phone should have. In Pakistan, many people live in areas where they have to face load shedding, and a torch is very important for them. Even in big cities, many times, a torchlight is needed. So mostly 95 percent to 100 percent keypad phones have a flashlight. Some also have more than one LED light.

Best GFive Mobile for Buyers

Out of these bundles of models, our opinion is also being mentioned here for the end-user.

We are not mentioning specific models here, but only telling the basic specifications; that you should consider before making a purchase. But it's only our opinion. You can also have your own.

Battery: Choose battery mAh more than 1200
Camera: Don't look for the camera, it should not matter for you
Color Display: The diagonal screen size of 2.4 " is good
Light: The torch should be there
GSM: 3 SIM slots are good, but if you need only one or two, then go for a Dual SIM Gfive mobile phone

G Five Mobile Customer Care

What a big brand gets famous all over a country; they also increase their physical presence for many purposes.

There are many customer care centers for this brand for warranty claim and repairing purposes. If a user faces any problem regarding the product, a customer care center is a place that should be contacted or should have a physical visit.

Head Support Center in Lahore

Opposite to mall road Lahore, there is Westend plaza. There go to the first floor and visit their support center.

The official address is "72 Westend Plaza, Opposite to Hall Road, Mall Road, Lahore.

They Have 2 Service Centers in Karachi

Since Karachi is a very big city with more number of people living there, physical appearance in this city is also more.

First One: On the first floor of Crown Plaza, Shadman Tower, Near to Sareena Mobile Market, KHI

Second One: Amna Town, Main MA Jinnah Road, Garden Square, Saddar, KHI


Pindi users can visit Butt plaza, 2nd floor for support claims, and problems.

Note: Butt Plaza is near to Raja Bazar Imperial Market, Rawalpindi


Pay your visit to AL-Karim Plaza, Circular Road, BWP

For Sargodha, G Five Users Can Visit Trust Plaza for Problems

Shop Number 6, First Floor on Trust Plaza, SGD

Gujrat Warranty Center

Siraj Plaza 1st Floor Ram Talal Road


Please go to 1st Floor, Falak Sher Plaza, Saddar Road, Peshawar Cantonment


Customer care in Multan is located on Katchyri Road, Opposite to Degree College for Women, Multan

Frequently Asked Questions:

Hoe Can we Get Flash File for A Phone?

Answer: You can search on google by mentioning the model

How Can We Change The Volume for A Set?

Simply go to profiles and change the volume for the active profile. By going to settings, it can also be done.

How Many Ringtones are There?

In such Keypad phones, there are typically one or two ringtones, but you can insert an SD card and use more tones.

How to Insert Battery?

Match the points on the battery, with the points inside of the body, and then softly insert the battery.

How to Make the Phone silent?

For this purpose, go to profiles and choose the silent profile. But there is also a shortcut. Long press the rightmost button on the phone, you may feel a vibration and a silent message on the phone.

Can We insert Handsfree?

Yes, almost all these phones have a 3.5mm jack. Simply insert wired handsfree jack in that and use it.

If LCD Breaks, Can we Make A Claim?

No, there is no warranty on LCD. But you can visit nearby customer care center and ask them to repair, but you have to pay the charges.

How to Power on?

The button for rejecting an incoming call, for turning on or off the phone is the same. It is the right-side button on the keypad, with a red color logo.

Comparing Gfive Mobile Price in Pakistan with Other Brands

As compared with big brands in 2020 like Nokia, Samsung, and Huawei, GFive is very low in price. But some other brands are also providing similar prices as of gfive keypad mobile phones.

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Note: Customers have to pay the amount at the time of delivery in COD.

Thank you for reading our detailed review about five mobile, now you are ready to make a purchase.