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Digital Voice Recorder - Built-In Storage

High-definition quality audio devices at sale price in Pakistan. With the help of internal memory, one can save the sound, and listen to it afterward. The telephone connectivity option is also there in these. Enjoy good battery timing and many other features.

Voice Recorder

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A Perfect Solution

In the classical days, it was a problem for the offices and many other places that there was no proper proof of the conversations. To collect data for an investigation, etc. solid pieces of evidence are needed. Now the problem is almost no more. Many electronic & digital devices can do this task in an appropriate course of action.

There is a Display at The Front

The screen also helps to see and play the sounds and keep a look at saved data. It shows the audio format & data. A charging indicator is also there, usually on the top right corner.

Specifications & Features

In general, the features of these are:

  • HD Quality Sound
  • Low Noice Microphone
  • Noice-Reduction
  • One-Click Button Press Start
  • Internal Memory - Long Lasting
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Digital Screen
  • Can be Attached be a Telephone
  • Speaker: The user can use it to play the stored files and listen to those in high volume.
  • Play/Rec./Volume Buttons
  • Extremely Portable. One can easily put in a pocket.

Ease of Use

A person can use these voice recorders without any specialized knowledge. There are easy to use. A user manual inside the box also mentions how to operate.


Teachers, students, office workers, and many other people can take advantage of it.


The quality of these listed products is fantastic.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How can we charge?

The rechargeable battery present inside the product offers long-lasting backup. A USB-cable is there inside the package. You can connect it with a good quality charger to power up your device.

2) What is the Quality of the Mic?

High-grade noise reduction mic helps to accomplish the task efficiently.

3) What are the dimensions and sizes?

Although it varies from model to model, generally speaking, these are very small in size. Usually, quarter the length of a hand of a common man.

The Remax RP1 has a length of about 9.1 cm, a width of almost 2.9cm, and approximately 0.8cm thickness. So, these are highly portable, being easily carryable in a pocket, bag, etc.

5) What buttons are there on the body?

Usually, these have volume, play, & rec Options. Some also have forward, on/off, and other features too.

6) How Can We Start Recording?

There is a button with a red dot at the center. Press it to start the action. In this way, you can stop this process by press the other one.

7) How to Book?

Directly contact us at our WhatsApp support helpline: +92-316-4646561

Or follow the typical process. Click add to cart, proceed to checkout, fill the form, and click submit. You will have a success screen, showing the order number.

8) Do you take any delivery costs?

No. Including these, we are offering all products on our online store at free shipping inside Pakistan.

9) In how many days will we receive the product?

Usually, it takes 2 to 4 working days, depending upon the destination and other factors.