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Fit Your Projector, Using Our Ceiling Mount Stand

Usually, people feel difficulty while adjusting the projector every time when using it. The solution lies in fitting it at a proper specific space.

Projector Ceiling Mounts

Set Descending Direction


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Set Descending Direction


6 Item(s)

Projector Ceiling Mount Kit Stand

A universal ceiling mount for projector is a stand helpful to mount something on the ceiling of a room/classroom/auditorium etc. A multimedia projector ceiling kit is quite trendy nowadays.

Why is it used?

There are many reasons behind its usage. There are several places like coaching centers, schools, colleges, universities, where there is the requirement for continuous use of widescreen for teaching,

Fixing a projector at a specific fixed place is much better as compared with placing it again and again on a table.

So, using this gadget, one can have a proper place near the roof, having less interference with human beings. In this way, the cables remain fixed, feeling relaxed from the tension of plugging and unplugging again and again.

Offices can also get benefit from it. In the offices, where there is a need to give presentations, this kit can help build a proper setup.

In big conferences, usually held in halls, one can see a fitted multimedia projector near the roof.

How to Fix & Install?

In the box, fitting accessories are there. Like nuts, bolts, etc. Using those, place the stand on the ceiling.

You have to fit the device inverted. After that, you have to go to the menu and do settings. In settings there is the option of inverter display, so you have to choose that option.



Two feet is the starting size. But many other sizes are available. But 2ft (0.6m) is widespread in Pakistan.


Iron is mostly the core material in such stands, giving hardness, strength, and durability.


The surface has a painted coating, giving additional durability.

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