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Mobile Smart Watches in Pakistan

Pick from our fabulous collection of smart watches at low price in Pakistan. Here you can see items like Y1 SmartWatch, DZ09, W08, Xiaomi Band, W35, and even more.


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Android Watch in Pakistan

Starting from DZ09, our store has a wide range of other android supported smart watches and all of those are given at discounted rates. These watches have different dimensions, features, specifications and different prices. Select the model that suits you according to your personality.

Smart Watch Price in Pakistan 2020

Basically these android watches don’t have android installed in them but they are connectable with android smartphones. You can easily connect them by Bluetooth and pick your mobile calls/SMS directly at your watch. This thing can add comfort to your daily life, you don’t have to spend time in taking the phone out from pocket, as you can simply answer your calls directly from your wrist.

GSM Smart watches in Pakistan, are becoming popular, allowing you to insert SIM card directly in the watch. And hence your watch becomes a mobile phone. These watches usually don’t have very high price. You can even buy them from our store with a small amount of budget, depending upon which model you select.


There are different models that are currently popular among the people. Some of them are mentioned below. Different models usually have different specifications, features etc.

DZ09 Men Smart Watch Mobile Price in Pakistan

One of the most popular, dz09 is available at extremely less price at our store. Its multiple features are taking the attraction of the customers all over the world. People wear it on their wrist and use it as a secondary phone. Since it is a GSM smart watch, you can put SIM card in it. Hence it allows you to use it as a touch phone. You can send and receive SMS messages, calls and even you can connect it with your android smart phone by its bluetooth connectivity feature. It has touch screen display and has a proper menu installed inside so that you can use it in a user friendly way.

Men usually like to have such watches but women can also buy them, if they like.

iOS Shaped Android Smart Watch

Since original apple smart watches are very expensive, many people prefer to buy w08 or other similar models. They have shapes similar to apple watches but are different from inside.

One of the most fascinating factor of these watches is their appearance and their strap. These look very handsome and cast a handsome impression towards viewers. Besides SIM card, you can also insert memory card and hence store your data. The touch screen of these make them even more useful.

China Android Watch Price in Pakistan

U8 was once a very popular and interesting product and was typically made in China, but now a days people are no more ready to buy it. They want mobile watches like dz09, w08, z50 and other ones. All these are china made, but give the best results if used properly.

Wristbands/Fitness Bands

Here at doortodoor.pk, you can find different fitness bands and health watches. These watches allow the user to keep an eye on their heart beat and many other health factors. These are basically sports smart watches and sportsmen usually like to have these.

Top brands for Wristbands

Xiaomi, Space are the brands that have fitness smart watches and you can buy them from our online shopping store. All these health bands are offered at free shipping.

Xiaomi band 2 is a very popular fitness band and relevant people usually buy it because its performance, efficiency and many other specifications are really awesome. Its physical look also catches the attraction of the buyers.

Space one band is a new one and people are also interested in it. You can find it at our store.

Best Brands for Smart Watches in Pakistan

Getiit is the brand that has extremely high quality products but its price is somewhat high. Despite its price, people buy it because of its quality.

Getiit mate leather SIM smart watch is one of their finest products. It has an additional sports band inside its package. This premium watch is really elegant and handsome. Its leather strap makes it even more attractive.

Apple and Samsung are also selling smart watches but their prices are extremely high as compared with the China watches,

Z50 Smart Watches

You can this z50 mobile watch at free shipping from our store. This watch has premium look and SIM + Memory card slots inside. Its physical look is one of its important factors. It has sleet strap that looks beautiful. Just like DZ09, you can easily connect it with smart phones, by bluetooth and hence receive your notifications and calls/SMS.

It has 2.5D edges that make it a premium watch. Moreover, it’s working, touch display, its performance, all factors make it a good watch.

Huawei Smart Watches Price in Pakistan

Huawei mobile phones are becoming popular among the people now a days. Therefore their smart watches are also in customers’ interest, but due to high price only a limited class of people buy these.

Buy Mobile Accessories and Gadgets

Our online shopping store, doortodoor.pk has made it easy for the customers in our country, to shop with comfort and ease. They can easily add the relevant product in cart and get that at free shipping. You can buy many products like mobile cases/covers, bluetooth headphones, mobile batteries, smart tv boxes, HDMI cables, computer accessories, office products, attendance machines and android watches in Pakistan.

Buy Touch Bluetooth Smart Watches in Pakistan

Online shopping in Pakistan, has allowed the customers, from the whole country, to buy any item they want and pay by cash on delivery. You can choose from our collection of mobile watch price in Pakistan and order the one that suits your personality, looks awesome to you and catches your attraction.