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Wireless Presenter Price in Pakistan

Delivering a presentation is now an easy task with latest gadgets. Our slide changer can let you switch slides wirelessly, with ease.

In addition, our presenter with laser pointer makes it easy for the user to point at a part of screen, for the viewers.

Wireless Presenter Slide Changer

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Wireless Presenter with Laser Pointer

A gadget, extremely helpful for brands, firms, teachers, students, officers, etc. Its usefulness makes it an awesome product for a wide variety of people.

Nowadays students and teachers use projectors to show their ppts to teachers. Moreover, brands also arrange big events and conferences in which they display their business/products on big screens, and so they need a presentation clicker.

In the past, delivering a lecture to students, or showcasing your business ppt on a projector screen, was an issue, because one person had to remain near to the laptop/PC. In modern days, the problem in no more if you have our gadget.

Slide Changer Price in Pakistan

Now discussing the price of wireless presenter with laser pointer. For this, keep two important factors in mind. One is durability and the other one is branding.

Original Logitech slide changers are usually very high in price, (above 5000 Rs).

Logitech offers 4 types:

1) R400 with Green Laser

2) R400 with Red Light

3) R800 - Green Pointer

4) R800 - Red Pointer

Green ones are expensive as compared with red laser pointers.

Usually, very fewer people afford these expensive ones and tend to buy non-branded ones like PP 1000 and others.

How to Use?

The usage is very easy.

It has two parts: the handy portion and a USB receiver.

The USB receiver is connected with the USB slot of the computer or laptop. It wirelessly transmits signals to the handy part.

Press right and left buttons on the academic presenter to switch to next and previous slides respectively.

Customer from all over Pakistan, can place order at free delivery.