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VGA Cable Price in Pakistan

Buy CPU to monitor cable at sale price in Pakistan. Several long & short meter length. Converters, adapters, and more.

VGA Cable

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What is VGA?

It stands for Virtual Graphics Adapter/Array. It has been an extremely in-use jack for a very long period of time. In the past, when people had big CPUs and monitors, they needed to ve attached to each other by means of a virtual graphics array cable.

In general, its output resolution is less as compared with HDMI, which is the latest connectivity port.

These days (2020) you may see very less number of people using this technology. There are many reasons. It's difficult to connect. There are a very large number of pins inside the jack, that make it less durable, and difficult to attach. You have to tighten the screws on the side. And lastly, the resolution offered is very low.

In some offices, homes, these might still be in use.

In some institutions, many people use it too, in order to connect with multimedia projectors & monitors.

Durable & Compact

Buy with relaxation because these are just awesome in quality.

A high-end video graphics adapter offers high resolution.


Our standard ones have 8 millimeters (or 0.8 cm) outer dia.

We also have displayed other relevant adapters/jointers etc. Have a look at those too.

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