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USB Printer Cables in Pakistan

Attach your printing device with your laptop and get your task done. Choose from several meter lengths and buy the one that fulfills your requirements. You can contact us at our WhatsApp (0316-4646561) for details. On one side of the cable, there is a USB male slot and, on the other end, a rectangular male connector. These wires work with many new brand models like HP, Dell, Epsom, etc.

Printer Cable

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  • These are very easy to use.
  • The wire is made of high-quality metallic conductor.
  • The cable has the proper insulation.

These are standard ones that are compatible mostly.

You are required to plug, and it's ready to work if your device does not need a driver.

The quality of both the jacks at the ends is reasonable. If handled with care, it can work for a very long time span.

The packing is suitable in the form of a roll. The physical volume of the product is so small that it is carryable in a small packet.

It's our advice to fix these in one place and don't plug and remove again and again.

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