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Awesome Gadgets in Pakistan

Here you can select between a wide range of products. You can buy smart watches, power banks, electric lunch box, fitness bands, smart wifi plugs, and lots of other products. Online shopping in Pakistan has made it easy for the customers to get the right product delivered at their doorstep. Since most of the technical products are not available in local markets, you can buy them online and hence get their advantages.

Smartphone Related Accessories

Here you can find amazing accessories for your smart phones. Relax, all these products are offered at free home delivery.


Buy Best Gadgets in Pakistan

The world is progressing and hence new and amazing gadgets are being launched. Some of them are really mind blowing. People in the past really don’t have even idea that such types of products would even exist in the coming future.

Markets are full of such amazing products and people are also ready to buy them. In this fast running pace of world, online shopping is indeed a help for those who want to buy these gadgets but have no approach nearby. They can simply place an order online and buy at their doorstep.

A Brief List:

WiFi Operated Socket

Every one of you might feel a need for a device that can turn your electronic device on or off with a smartphone. You can easily download an android application and hence operate it. Plug it in between the switch of your electric device and hence make your life easy.

Buy Kitchen Gadgets in Pakistan

Several inventions are made and new devices are introduced that can be used in daily life. Electric lunch box is one of them.
Students, officers and many other people can use them. They can put their food inside this electric heating lunch and heat it when needed. It can be used easily without any difficulty.

Mobile Power Banks

Charging a smartphone might be difficult if you are in a journey or at some place where there is no electricity. So at that time you can use a gadget like a power bank and hence use it to charge your mobile phone or tablet.

Countries where there is shortage of electricity or something like load-shedding, it can be extremely useful. It might be much helpful at the time where there is no power and one needs to use a phone/tab.

But remember, keep your power bank charged before using it.

Smart Watch | Buy this Wonderful and Useful Gadget in Pakistan

Mobile phone watches are becoming quite popular among the people of Pakistan and even among the whole world. People feel it awesome that they are having a gadget on their wrist that can help them in calling, messaging and many other tasks.

Our online shopping store doortodoor.pk offers you a diverse variety of android supported smart watches that you can buy at free shipping.

USB Charging Hubs

Charging many devices with one thing can be helpful in some cases. At our online shop you can buy several multiple USB charging gadgets at discounted price in Pakistan.

HDMI WiFi Dongles

You might feel a need to view your smartphone content on a big screen. So, the solution to this is that you buy wifi dongles. You can cast your smartphone easily with an application with these HDMI dongles like ezcast, anycast, miracast, melecast and others. Even you can also buy Google chromecast.

You can buy these gadgets in Pakistan and hence view your required content on big screen easily.

iFlash USB Drives

Out of several other gadgets, iFlash OTG universal drives are also very interesting. You can plug them even in your computer or your mobile phone (depending on slot). MicroUSB drives can be connected with OTG host devices and hence one can easily transfer or copy data from the pen drive.

iFlash USBs can be connected some Apple iPhone models and hence data transfer can be done.

Bendable USB Lights

USB powered lights are also popular among the people. People connect these with their computers/laptops and hence use their keyboards easily in night.

Brilliant Ideas & Concepts

Above mentioned list is a very small list. There are hundreds of more awesome and interesting things and customers are rushing to buy them. Keep on browsing our online store for more products.

Order our amazing gadgets in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar, Sukkar, Gujranwala, Swat, Azad Kashmir, Fasialabad, D G Khan, Dera Ismail Khan, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and all cities of Pakistan and get them with COD option (payment on delivery).