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CAT 6 Internet Wire Rolls

Buy high-speed internet cable online in Pakistan. 1.5 meters to 20 meters cat 6 & cat 6e roll at free delivery. Our Ethernet stocks are durable, sturdy and perfect.

LAN Cable

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Enjoy our new addition of white-coloured premium quality ethernet cable rolls, offering strength, durability, and speed to the users.

Internet Ethernet LAN Cable Price in Pakistan

As all of us know that today's world is the world of technology in which the internet is playing an important role. We mostly use wifi nowadays, but it's decidedly less reliable and speedy as compared to internet cables. Since wifi used radio waves to transmit data in the form of signals, that waste some amount of energy, These network lines are much useful relatively, because of the usage of metal as a medium. Additionally, the price per meter is also reasonable.


Consistency & Latency

As compared with a wireless connection, these wires provide consistent signals. Latency plays a vital role in many big computer places where a huge amount of data is being uploaded and downloaded. In places like offices, software houses, and internet providers, this factor is essential, so they use these.


For many places like software houses, the security of data is crucial. Wifi is less secure, and public hotspots are extremely less reliable. Relatively a LAN cable is protected because the information is only available to the devices that are connected.


There might be many routers at a specific place so that it can be a real problem for you. Hence ethernet is useful at that point.

Types & Specification

These fall in various categories, differentiated by their category or "CAT" version.


It falls in the category 5. It is the primary type in these cords, with a maximum speed of 100 Mbps. In the past, people considered it as the most reliable in terms of working and efficiency. But after the launching of CAT5e, it was not preferred.


It was considered an enhanced version of networking ethernet internet line. In actual, it is almost the same as CAT5 but only offers a better speed up to 1000 Mbps.

CAT 6 & 6E

Every new upgrade comes with some enhanced features. Category 6 is an upgraded version of all the previous ones, and its demand is enormous. When there is a need for transferring massive files and high-speed communication, we consider ist to be the most reliable. It is useful and a better choice. At our store, we are facilitating our customers with the best LAN cat 6 cable price in Pakistan.

We can also categorize these in the following terms.


Twisted Pair

Fibre Optics


Our cat six cable offers up to 250Mhz frequency. Its edges are durable, reliable, and easily plugged in.


You can observe four colors, i.e. black, blue, white and green, for these rolls, but we only prefer blue and white colors. Its outclass appearance adds in its iconic design.


We are offering reasonable rates. You can see the rates mentioned on product pages. These are final and fixed. There are no hidden charges. Shipping is also free at our shop.


You can find various length ranges of these products. The customers can choose the one they need, according to their requirements. According to our suggestion, you should buy a little bit more than the need.

20 meters

It is among one of the popular lengths. Its relatively long and around 65.6 feet. The users can buy it for homes, offices, etc. Besides, the price per meter is also appropriate.


It's about 49 ft long.


This 32.8 feet long roll, is also available at our store.

Similarly, 5, 3 & 1.5-meter long are also there.

Tips for Installation

There are some essential tips for installing correctly.

Try not to create sharp bends, as these can reduce the overall life.

Fit the connectors properly, not partially.

If you are planning to do underground wiring, don't insert it naked. Place a pipe inside the wall. Then put the LAN cable inside the pipe.

Note: Some IP cameras also have an ethernet port. It can also be used to provide internet to those wifi cameras.


In this category, our product quality is fantastic.

Converters & Adapters

You can also check our online store for relevant converters, adapters, etc.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Has it male to male edges?


Why Is It Used?

These are used for connecting internet routers, and many other devices with computer/laptop and for many different purposes.

Which is the Best One?

The more the CAT value, the more good it is.

How it is packed?

The packaging is proper, in the form of a roll in a packet.

What is a local area network?

Local Area Network is used to connect our devices with the internet or with other devices. It also provides a wired connection to some gadgets such as printers — carrying data, generated by network ports. Two jacks are on both ends, one at each end, named RJ45.

Can we connect it with an android phone?

For that, you need an OTG connector and a USB to LAN connector. But only some devices might support it. You can check it that either your mobile/tab supports or not from online portals.

Can it be used to connect range extenders?

Yes, you can use with range extender.

What is the Color of these?

There are many variations like blue, green and black, but these days, we have blue colour.

What is Their Physical Volume?

In the form of a bundle, these occupy little space, easily carryable in a packing flyer.

What Is A Tester?

A tester is beneficial for checking that either both the ends are working or not.

What to do if the cable is damaged or cut?

If you have seen a cut, don't waste it. Contact a networking expert and ask him to cut it from the damaged point. After that, let him put the RJ45 connector.

What to do If further details are needed?

Click on the product and read descriptions. But if the mentioned details don't satisfy you, or you need more information, you can contact at our WhatsApp number that is 0316-4646561

What is The Shipping Coverage?

Our customers can order internet cat 6 cables in Lahore, Karachi, Quetta, Sargodha, Okara, Sibbi, Gujrat, Sahiwal, Sialkot, Gujranwala, Mianwali, Murree, Abbottabad, Pind Dadan Khan, DG Khan, Larkana, Multan, Faisalabad, Islamabad & almost all areas of Pakistan.